Sooty Friday – first Local Working Group meeting in the Bavarian Oberland

First Local Workin Group meeting in the Bavarian Oberland

The first meeting of REPLACE’s Oberland Local Working Group took place on 25th February – a date with the descriptive name “sooty Friday” which is a traditional chimney sweepers’ day in the region. At the meeting in Penzberg, knowledge and networks were brought together to bundle forces for a heating system change in the region. Representatives from energy consultancies, chimney sweepers, the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Oberbayern, and the Consumer Advice Center Bavaria were present.

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First Spanish Local Working Group online meeting

The first REPLACE Spanish LWG online meeting has been programmed for April 28th. EREN has invited 12 stakeholders to meet with Francisco Puente from ESCAN and Puy Domínguez, Rafael Ayuste and Ricardo González from EREN. Thus, arrangements have been made for 16 people meeting online.

First Local Working Group meeting in North-West Croatia

Last week REGEA held a first Local Working Group meeting in North-West Croatia. Although it was supposed to be held at REGEA’s premises, the extraordinary pandemic-situation did not stop regular project activities. With the help of a communication platform and online survey tools, the meeting was successfully organised online. Going online REGEA enabled the representatives of the private and public sectors, chimney associations and energy cooperatives to discuss, from the comfort of their own home, the challenges and possibilities of replacing inefficient home heating and cooling systems in Croatia. In addition, the group discussed future project activities aimed at informing as many citizens as possible about the environmental and economic benefits of new heating and cooling systems and encouraging them to replace inefficient heating systems in their homes.

Press release: REPLACE website launch

Boiler Exhibition Copyright Technik- und Förderzentrum TFZ

The future is renewable and efficient – new website on sustainable heating and cooling was recently launched!

Half of Europe’s energy consumption is used for heating or cooling. Currently, 80 million heating and cooling systems are inefficient. REPLACE, the new EU-project, is helping to change this situation with service-oriented boiler-replacement campaigns in 9 countries across Europe. A first glimpse into this exciting new project is now possible on REPLACE’s freshly launched website.

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Workshop of national actors in Salzburg

On February 5th, Austrian Energy Agency´s REPLACE workshop took place: with national stakeholders and a representative of the state of Salzburg, a pilot region in Austria.

Participants of the workshop were federal representatives of end consumers, guilds, renewable energies, ministeries, funding agencies, boiler manufacturers and contractors, exchanging views on the implementation of REPLACE in the target region of Salzburg.

In the course of 2020, another meeting of the group is envisaged in order to receive information about the progress in Salzburg and to be able to contribute ideas. That way, the group acts as a national advisory board of the Local Working Group in Salzburg

Local Working Groups: 1st meetings start

In REPLACE’s 10 European target regions, local working groups start from January until April 2020. Their common goal is to develop, implement and steer regional replacement campaigns and to realize sustainable heating and cooling systems. Until March 2022 there are 4 – 5 meetings planned for each region.