Advisory Board

The REPLACE Advisory Board is an international, external expert panel that provides the project with valuable information about expectations of consumers and citizens, market demands, cooperation opportunities with industry, standardisation issues and others. The Advisory Board consists of renowned key stakeholders from politics, economy and society and can be complemented during REPLACE lifetime when additional expertise is needed. As a consulting board, it ensures a high standard and monitors the progress of REPLACE.

Advisory Board Members

Gerhard Löffler

Dipl.-ing. Dr. Gerhard Löffler is an employee of the Office of the Salzburg State Government and currently in particular head of the Division for Energy Economics & Energy Advice. In this position, he is responsible for 9 employees and 45 energy advisors as well as the conceptualization, set-up, launch and monitoring of strategic energy campaigns and implementation of subsidies for renewable energies. From 2002 to 2019 he worked as a technical expert at the Office of the Salzburg State Government, where he was in charge of providing consulting expertise for renewable energy projects, performing feasibility studies, monitoring strategic energy campaigns and administering energy statistics.

Before joining the Government of Salzburg, he worked for six years as a Senior Researcher in Future Energy Technologies at the Institute for Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering, Vienna University of Technology, before becoming a consultant (2002 – 2006) for model building and simulation at the same institute. He has over two decades of experience as a lecturer of chemical engineering, energy economics in companies, bioenergy, energy technology & district heating, as well energy and environmental technology at a variety of higher education institutions in Austria. He has a Doctorate in Technical Science from the University of Technology Vienna and also holds a number of qualifications including energy consultant (ARGE EBA), quality manager for biomass district heating (QM – Holzheizwerke) and biogas plant expert (LEA Oststeiermark).

Horia Petran

Dr. ing. Horia Petran is senior research scientist and coordinator of the Romanian Building Knowledge Hub, within the National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Spatial Development „URBAN–INCERC”, working within the institute since 1995. He is a Doctor of Science in Mechanical Engineering since 2003 and has a long teaching activity as invited assistant or associate professor at various technical universities in Bucharest (1997-2012) in the field of energy performances of buildings. He is also an energy auditor for buildings and is actively involved in standardization activity in HVAC systems, solar energy and thermal performance of buildings. Furthermore, Horia is a founding member of Romanian Energy Auditors for Buildings Association, member of Romanian Association of Building Services Engineers and Passive House Association of Romania and president of the Association Cluster for Promotion of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Pro-nZEB.

Since 2011, he has continuously contributed to the development of qualifications and training schemes to support the effective implementation of nZEB concept in Romania. He coordinated the strategic project BUILD UP Skills Romania (ROBUST) and the implementation of BUILD UP Skills QualiShell project. He additionally supported the implementation of the IEE initiatives RePublic_ZEB and QUALICHeCK as partner responsible and country leader (Romania). As a key partner in the HORIZON2020 actions Train-to-nZEB, ENERFUND, Fit-to-nZEB and iBRoad, he is pushing forward the preparation and healthy development of nZEB market in Romania.

Øyvind Skreiberg

Dr. ing. Øyvind Skreiberg is Chief Scientist of Stationary Bioenergy in SINTEF and holds a doctoral degree in thermal conversion of biomass from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field and has worked and published (about 150 peer reviewed papers) on a number of bioenergy topics, e.g. BtE, WtE, combustion, gasification, torrefaction, carbonisation, CHP, ash-related challenges, wood stoves – including their building integration, emissions in general and especially NOx. He has led and worked in a variety of national and international projects at SINTEF for the last 13 years, and earlier at NTNU, and have been heavily involved in education through the years. He is active in international networks as IEA Bioenergy, EERA Bioenergy and RHC-ETIP, where he is chair of the horizontal working group on 100% RE Individually Heated & Cooled Buildings.

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