Project Presentations

The following page contains the main presentations that will be published during this project. The individual download files are divided into national languages.


REPLACE General Presentation
Making heating and cooling for European consumers efficient, economically resilient, clean and climate-friendly.

REPLACE Local Working Group Meeting
Presentation for the first REPLACE Local Working Group meeting, with details from Austria.


REPLACE Kick-off Meeting
Prva REPLACE prezentacija o učinkovitom grijanju i hlađenju u kućanstvima.


REPLACE Presentación general
Promoviendo los sistemas de calefacción y climatización residencial eseficientes, económicos, límpios y amigables con el medio ambiente


REPLACE општа презентација
Да го направиме греењето и ладeњето за европските потрoшувачи ефикасно, економски отпорно, чисто и климатски прифатливо