Investors and Owners

To reach its overall goal of exchanging inefficient and old heating and cooling systems with greener alternatives in 9 European regions, REPLACE aims at activating investments on a large scale. To support owners as well as investors like building developers, energy suppliers and district heating operators in their decision for climate-friendly technologies, REPLACE provides material in 8 languages:

  • the „REPLACE your Heating System Calculator“, focusing on monetary savings and the optimal timing of replacements,
  • financial and business models highlighting ways to facilitate profit sharing,
  • assessment matrices to align heating and cooling replacements with improvements to the thermal quality of the building shell and fitting it to buildings’ characteristics,
  • a state-of-the-art heating and cooling handbook tailor-made for building developers, energy suppliers and district heating operators, incl. economic issues, best practice and innovative business models,
  • guidelines and best-practice examples that demonstrate how a system breakdown can determine an informed replacement, e.g. by the temporary utilisation of mobile heating units,
  • best-practice examples, trainings and workshops to transfer knowledge, experience and lessons learnt in the use and deployment of renewable energy systems,
  • regional field trips to best practice heating and cooling systems.

Professional investors are also invited to REPLACE’s local working groups where they can participate in improving investment security in the renewable heating and cooling sector and creating new market opportunities through an increased awareness on innovative heating and cooling systems.

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