REPLACE your Heating System Calculator: Online!

The REPLACE your Heating System Calculator is online. It helps end consumers, intermediaries and investors to find the best future-proof, resilient and climate-friendly alternative to an old heating system in just three steps. Almost like an energy consultation. The calculator is tailored to the situation in 10 European target regions and works in 8 languages (BiH, DE, BG, ES, HR, MK, RS, SL).

Besides taking into account technical features like the current energy consumption, the heat delivery system and hot water preparation, or the possibility of a connection to a district/ local heating network, the tool includes all currently possible subsidies of 10 European target regions in the overall consideration. A lot of further information like technology factsheets, national best practice examples and useful contacts for boiler and oven replacements are provided.

REPLACE campaigns in North Macedonia

REPLACE campaigns in KAGoP region started in February 2021 and have since then involved citizens and professionals in the topic of sustainable heating and cooling. 

In May 2021, the info hub in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov was officially introduced to the citizens. SDEWES-Skopje in cooperation with representatives of the Energy Efficiency Sector in the municipality made this corner available to all interested parties and will assist with the initiatives to replace the existing inefficient heating and cooling system with environmentally friendly solutions. Representatives from the residential sector shared onsite existing examples of houses and buildings where such replacement campaigns would be useful. Beside the official opening in the municipality of Gjorche Petrov, an info hub was established in the municipality of Aerodrom earlier in April, and a virtual info hub is operating. 

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Are we ready to decarbonize the heating systems?

Enova’s project team organized 2 training programs with a focus on the decarbonization of the heating systems, on September 23 and 24, 2021, at the Courtyard by Marriott Sarajevo. The topic of the first training was the strategic and legal framework, with the participation of decision-makers in this area, and what are the possibilities of the Sarajevo Canton region for progress in this context. The second training focused on technical solutions for decarbonization of heating systems and replacement options available on the market in the region.

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Climate friendly heating and cooling in the Bavarian Oberland – REPLACE campaigns in the region 2021/22

Eight campaigns on climate-friendly heating and cooling are being implemented in the Bavarian Oberland. Selected in close cooperation with the REPLACE local working group, they are intended to inform end consumers, professionals and investors, and motivate them to realise the heat turnaround.

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REPLACE campaigns in Austria

The Austrian Energy Agency (AEA) is currently in the intensive preparation of the All-round Carefree Package (ACRP) for oil and gas boiler replacements for the target region of Salzburg. In recent months, there has been an intensive exchange with the energy department of the province of Salzburg and the Ministry for Climate Protection, which has enabled the AEA to clarify the framework conditions and also to set up the financing for this new offer.

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Training seminar for intermediaries and investors in North Macedonia

The training seminar for intermediaries and investors was organized online using the ZOOM platform on 21.09.2021 with a duration of two hours.

The training aims at providing professional intermediaries with in-depth knowledge of the renewable heating and cooling systems options available on the market today, with the objective of making them well-trained facilitators of replacements and of enabling them to measure and communicate expected energy and financial savings and wider societal benefits of H&C replacements.

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Renovation of heating and buildings’ conference – Energy Summit, Bulgaria 2021

From 21st to 25th June 2021, an online conference entitled “Renovation of heating and buildings with a look to the future” was organized by BSERC and Za Zemiata – Friends of the Earth Bulgaria. The 5-day event was dedicated to sustainable domestic heating and renovation in Central and South-Eastern Europe and focused on the solutions that provide reliable, comfortable and affordable heating for all, and ensure cleaner air and a climate safe future. 

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Heating replacement campaign in Rhodope region, Bulgaria

Two fairs to promote heating replacement and sustainable construction were jointly organized by BSERC and EnEffect. The first one took place in the town of Pazardzhik from 2nd to 4th September and the second one – in the town of Smolyan on 23rd and 24th September. The fairs featured both open-space exhibitions and indoor events. The visitors of the open stands received free advice by the representatives of REPLACE and learned about concrete sustainable heating and construction solutions from the exhibiting companies and public bodies.

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Capacity building for investors and intermediaries – REPLACE training seminars

Why should intermediaries and investors chose and promote renewable heating and cooling (RHC) systems? What is the strategic and legal framework of replacements? What technologies are available on the market? And what are the basic rules that need to be observed when planning (R)HC projects? 

REPLACE conducts training seminars for intermediaries and investors in order to strengthen their capacities and transfer knowledge from experienced professionals to less experienced professionals. The direct involvement and commitment of intermediaries and investors is key to achieve large-scale climate-friendly replacements.

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