Across Europe, over 80 million inefficient heating and cooling systems are still installed. To exchange these systems with more efficient, greener alternatives, REPLACE aims to make consumers aware of their own potential to reduce energy consumption and to make informed decisions towards climate-friendly technologies. The benefit of monetary savings and improvements in air-quality, comfort, safety, and security of supply come with it.

To consumers, REPLACE offers in 8 local languages:

  • an online Replacement Handbook, containing technical and economical information to support decision making,
  • a folder that explains the advantages of a timely modernisation of the heating system,
  • best practice examples allowing to implement collective actions locally, e.g. public-private-partnerships for insulation of the uppermost buildings’ ceiling or the collective purchase of pellets,
  • telephone and personal advice, info desks, or information at fairs and festivals,
  • field trips and open house events to “feel, touch and experience” the benefits of efficient systems,
  • free of cost techno-economic feasibility studies for at least 60 people in the REPLACE target regions,
  • the “REPLACE your Heating System Calculator” that guides through the replacement of heating ovens and boilers and helps to assess energy savings, monetary savings as well as benefits such as comfort or air quality,
  • an easy-to-use assessment matrix to align heating and cooling replacements with improvements to the thermal quality of the building shell and fitting it to buildings’ characteristics.

In order to adjust replacement campaigns to local consumer needs, REPLACE carries out surveys and analyses in its ten target regions and provides regional best practice examples. In local working groups, consumer organisations ensure that consumers’ requirements are in the focus when developing and steering replacement activities.

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