REPLACE your Heating System Calculator

In order to facilitate the decision-making process of consumers, REPLACE provides an online tool: the “REPLACE your Heating System Calculator”. It will be easy to operate and easy to understand, guiding through the replacement of object and in-house heating ovens and boilers.

White-label Tool in 8 languages

Designed as a “white-label” tool, intermediaries or investors in the 10 target regions can integrate the Calculator in 8 languages into their platforms, including a translated online manual.

The REPLACE your Heating System Calculator:

  • assists end consumers, intermediaries and investors in a quick and professional mode,
  • identifies environmentally friendly options for residential houses with old, inefficient heating systems,
  • compares the benefits of the recommended systems with each other in terms of investment, energy cost savings and CO2 savings,
  • guides users through quickly, based on technical and economical default values for a wider range of technologies and capacities, including country specific subsidies,
  • provides a lot of further information like technology factsheets, national best practice examples and useful contacts for boiler and oven replacements.

Economic Dimension

Regarding the economic dimension of the Calculator, default reference values ensure quick, indicative results, while in an expert mode well-informed end users will be able to put in their own project-specific values.

Regarding results, not only cash-flows or pay-back times, but graphics visualising a risk assessment will be included.

Availability of the REPLACE your Heating System Calculator: July 2021