REPLACE your Heating System Calculator

In order to facilitate the decision-making process of consumers, REPLACE provides an Out of oil, gas or an inefficient heating system – but in to what? With the “REPLACE your Heating System Calculator” you can find the best future-proof, resilient and climate-friendly alternative to your old heating system in just three steps. Individually for renovating or replacing your boilers or ovens, tailored to your home and your situation in 10 European target regions. The calculator works in 8 languages (BiH, DE, BG, ES, HR, MK, RS, SL) almost like an energy consultation.

The REPLACE your Heating System Calculator:

takes into account

  • the current energy consumption
  • the heat delivery system and hot water preparation,
  • the possibility of a connection to a district/ local heating network,
  • the availability of a biomass fuel storage room, and,
  • the accessibility of a pellets lorry.

In addition,

  • all currently possible subsidies of 10 European target regions are included in the overall consideration,
  • the tool features technical and economical default values that apply to residential buildings from single-family houses to block of flats with up to 1,500 m² of living space, applicable for your target region
  • assists end consumers, intermediaries (like installers, energy advisers etc.) and investors in a quick and professional mode, in the latter mode actual project-specific values can be considered, and
  • a lot of further information like technology factsheets, national best practice examples and useful contacts for boiler and oven replacements are provided.

The result is both a financial consideration of the investment, operating and full costs, as well as the annual cost savings, but also a presentation of the annual CO2 emissions.

White-label Tool in 8 languages

The Calculator is meant to be also a “white-label” tool; businesses, installers, energy advisers, etc. can integrate the Calculator via a frame into their website of give link to the Calculators landing page. This option shall facilitate the decision-making process towards finding the best solution for your house together with your energy consultant or your installer. Please contact your national REPLACE project partner for further details.

You can calculate your project on the following site:

The heating system calculator is available in the relevant languages:

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