Three synoptic reports published in the REPLACE project – a summary of the REPLACE results, an overview of replacement campaigns & conclusions for policy makers

From November 2019 to April 2023, REPLACE supported households, but also intermediaries, politicians and investors in the transition from old and inefficient heating and cooling systems to climate-friendly solutions. At the end of the project, three reports now summarise the results and can serve as inspiration for imitators in climate-friendly replacements. All reports are available in English.

Report D1.2 Keeping the heat on in times of crisis outlines the REPLACE results concisely and graphically illustrated on 18 pages. It depicts the cooperation with Local Working Groups that helped to shape campaigns and framework conditions for the heating and cooling transition in the nine REPLACE regions. It gives an overview of the campaigns in the regions and of the main outcomes in the project, from CO2 emissions saved to investments triggered in renewable energy. Further topics are the REPLACE tools developed to support households and professionals like the REPLACE calculator and two practice-oriented handbooks, success stories from the REPLACE regions and 12 policy recommendations.

Report D6.2 provides an in-depth look at the campaigns implemented in eight countries from Western over Central to South-Eastern Europe. All activities served to increase the adoption of renewable heating and cooling systems and increasing awareness of energy-efficient heating practices. The activities included labelling of boilers and 100 % renewable heated houses, organizing municipal information hubs and field trips to best practice RHC systems, facilitating emergency mobile heating devices, collaboration of installers and contractors, and realizing collective actions to promote RHC systems. Additionally, the activities aimed to address financing and affordability issues and provided information through webinars, information evenings, and all-round carefree packages for heating system replacements.

Report D6.4 REPLACE conclusions for policy makers – heating system replacements in times of multiple crises, is an outcome of the REPLACE project and reflects the opinions of many European experts in the field of Renewable Energies and Renewable Heating & Cooling. Experiences of nine different markets (two of them outside the European Union) were considered and consequent recommendations are presented in this report. It is clear that action must be taken now and that there are existing and mature technologies to decarbonize the sector. Following, twelve urgent queries are presented, where political action would be needed to better foster and accelerate the heat transition in Europe. In addition, innovative ideas which were developed during REPLACE to support the heat transition are shown in this report.

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