Public Authorties and Policy Markers

REPLACE’s overall objective is to inform and motivate consumers to replace their old and inefficient heating and cooling appliances with better, greener, and economical alternatives.

To facilitate that objective, REPLACE invites public authorities and local policy makers to take part in its local workings groups and steer the direction of replacement actions.

REPLACE supports local authorities on their way to a more sustainable heating and cooling infrastructure.

As a strong partner for public authorities and policy makers, REPLACE

  • provides capacity building in policies as well as best practices relevant for the heating and cooling sector,
  • helps to improve heating and cooling policies, regulation, standards and quality of services,
  • helps to identify and address regulatory barriers and contractual conditions,
  • shares best practices to tackle fuel poverty issues and gender aspects,
  • makes local “care takers” aware of best practices to build a critical mass of consumers for collective actions,
  • makes EU accession applicants aware how to harmonize legal and regulatory heating and cooling standards,
  • and strengthens sustainable developments at local, regional and national heating and cooling sectors and beyond.

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