REPLACE Newsletter #1

REPLACE Newsletter #1

Since winter 2019, the REPLACE project has been standing up for the heat turnaround – away from fossil fuels and towards climate-friendly heating and cooling.

In the current newsletter, you can learn more about the following topics:

  • Save money, energy and the environment – the idea behind REPLACE
  • Preparing the ground for upcoming replacement actions – a brief review of 2020
  • REPLACE regions – where actions take place
  • Local Working Groups – experts adapt REPLACE-activities to European regions
  • Framework conditions for sustainable heating and cooling – REPLACE reports
  • Outlook 2021 & 2022: Replacement campaigns in the target regions & Online-tools
  • Keep informed and involved – REPLACE on social media channels

Find out more in the REPLACE Newsletter #1.

Heating summit in the Oberland region – impulses for the craft sector, politics and associations

In the Oberland region, 44 percent of energy are used for the heat sector – by far the largest share, along with electricity (25 percent) and transport (31 percent). And only a small part of this, namely 10 percent, comes from renewable energies. At the online-heat summit on 29.1.2021, the focus was on the challenges on the way to climate-friendly heating in the Oberland, how experts (representatives from heating engineering, chimney sweepers, forestry, and the consumer advice center) see the topic as well as effective levers for improvement, and with which activities Energiewende Oberland wants to advance the heat transition in the next two years. With over 100 participants from the Oberland and beyond, the heating summit met with a great response.

Please find a brief summary on the summit here (in German).

Or take a look at the recorded event:

REPLACE at a glance – video online

Climate change is one of the most important challenges we are facing today. At the same time, a huge energy demand in Europe – namely 50% – results from heating and cooling. 

Learn in the video, 

  • what the challenges are when it comes to the replacement of heating and cooling systems,
  • what REPLACE’s mission is and in which target regions it is active,
  • how the project helps you heat and cool sustainably,
  • and how REPLACE can benefit you, your region and the climate.

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3rd REPLACE consortium meeting – thanking the Advisory Board

The third REPLACE consortium meeting was held on 9th and 10th of December 2020. Planned for Zagreb, the consortium again met online, presenting and discussing the REPLACE products that come into gear in 2021 such as the Heating System Calculator, practice-oriented handbooks for consumers, intermediaries and investors as well as real life best practice examples from 9 countries. 

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Third meeting of LWG in North Macedonia

The third meeting of REPLACE’s KAGoP Local Working Group was organised on 22 December by SDEWES Skopje via ZOOM platform. The meeting was held in order to validate the draft Action plan for the replace campaigns that should be conducted in our target region. In total 10 participants from the municipalities of Karposh, Aerodrom, Gjorce Petrov, as well as representatives from the organizations CeProSARD, Habitat and ZLEK contributed in this third meeting. 

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Report D4.1 published: Heating-Matrices show recommended RES Heating Technologies fitting to various Building Types & Qualities

The heating matrices in Report D4.1 provide an initial overview of which heating system based on renewable (non-fossil) energy sources or district heat is most suitable for a building. The matrices presented were adapted regionally with regard to structural and environmental conditions, building standards and economic viability. 

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Inventories of the mind-sets and needs of all relevant stakeholders in the target regions – Report D3.1

How do end-consumers, intermediaries and investors perceive renewable heating and cooling? What information sources do they use? And what barriers, challenges and needs do they view in respect to replacing inefficient systems with sustainable ones? Numerous interviews have been conducted in all partner regions. The respective Report D3.1 provides insight in the mind-sets and needs of stakeholders and forms a basis for the REPLACE campaigns.

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