Be the Change, Take the Challenge

In the Sarajevo Canton, an active campaign has been launched to replace old and inefficient heating systems with new, greener alternatives.

The first info stand was set up in the premises of the Center for Energy, Environment, and Resources – CENER 21, where all interested visitors had the opportunity to hear and read more about the project, replacement campaign, and renewable heating system options available in the region, through info sheets and consulting with members of our project team.

Labeling activities for houses with 100% renewable heating have also started successfully. Citizens expressed interest in this activity and the desire to use their example to encourage others to become more responsible and replace their inefficient heating systems that adversely affect the environment and human health.

It is planned to continue with the implementation of the mentioned activities until the end of 2021, but also to start with other campaign activities:

  • Development of techno-economic feasibility studies for the replacement of inefficient heating systems
  • Organization of visits to the best practices of heating and cooling systems in the region
  • Organization of open days in households that have replaced inefficient heating systems

Stay tuned for more…

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