Info Hub opening in Gjorce Petrov, North Macedonia

On May 18, 2021, as part of the campaigns of the REPLACE project, the Info Hub in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov was officially introduced to the citizens. SDEWES-Skopje in cooperation with representatives of the Energy Efficiency Sector in the municipality made this corner available to all interested parties and will assist with the initiatives to replace the existing inefficient heating and cooling system with environmentally friendly solutions.

According to COVID-19 protocols for organization of events, it was attended by limited number of attendees, namely 12 participants. SDEWES-Skopje team presented the REPLACE project, the objectives, goals and campaigns planned in the KAGoP region. The municipal representatives logistically supported the event and will play a major role in the upcoming local implementation of all activities. Interested citizens gave positive feedback about the concept and the campaigns, including the opening of such info hubs where citizens will receive hands-on information about ongoing activities and guidance on how to replace their old heating system in the most effortless manner.

Representatives from the residential sector shared onsite existing examples of houses and buildings where such replacement campaigns would be useful, upon which they emphasized the need for future joint cooperation to contribute for streamlined green transition.

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