Kick-Off: Local Working Group Meeting in Salzburg

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the physical kick-off meeting of the Local Working Group (LWG) in Austria had to be postponed from March, to May, to July and was finally held on 6th July 2020 in Salzburg. A total of 25 persons attended the meeting with the aim of supporting the phase-out activities of the REPLACE project.

The Local Working Group of the State of Salzburg discussed the following topics in its first meeting in the area of phase-out oil in housing:

  • Problem outline of boiler replacement
  • All-round carefree packages; assessment of needs and possible roles of actors
  • Financing and affordability of oil boiler replacements (upcoming exchange bid – prohibition of 1: 1 oil boiler trading – in the province of Salzburg)
  • Financing options from the public sector and the private sector, role of assumption of liability
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