Renovation of heating and buildings’ conference – Energy Summit, Bulgaria 2021

From 21st to 25th June 2021, an online conference entitled “Renovation of heating and buildings with a look to the future” was organized by BSERC and Za Zemiata – Friends of the Earth Bulgaria. The 5-day event was dedicated to sustainable domestic heating and renovation in Central and South-Eastern Europe and focused on the solutions that provide reliable, comfortable and affordable heating for all, and ensure cleaner air and a climate safe future. 

The event popularized the shift to efficient Renewable Energy Sources (RES)-based domestic heating and integration of energy efficiency solutions in building envelope. The focus was on solutions targeting middle class households and energy poor households, including pilot projects and emerging technologies.

The following topics were covered: 

  • Day 1: Public funds for domestic heating in the region 
  • Day 2: District heating transformation and finance
  • Day 3: New policies and Renovation Wave
  • Day 4: The region’s businesses have a say – manufacturers of technologies and systems, installers, intermediaries
  • Day 5: Air quality in the cities tackled through building performance and the use of energy in buildings

The full conference recording in English is available here.

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