REPLACE calculator in favour of conducting techno-economic studies for KAGoP region’s end-users 

In order to support consumers in making the right replacement choice with a new and climate friendly heating system, a campaign for techno-economy studies was conducted in the KAGoP. region. The feasibility studies were free of charge for the owners which are interested in replacing their old heating system. This campaign was performed by SDEWES-Skopje based on an online interview with the homeowners.

Within that interview, the replacement consultancy was performed by using the REPLACE Your Heating System Calculator. The in-depth details of the parameters inserted into and the results for a whole range of heating solutions calculated are available in Macedonian and English version of the studies. The activity was initiated in February, 2022, and so far, seven techno-economic studies are completed. Most of the current systems that are installed are wood stoves or electrical heating, and the suggested new systems are either heat pumps (air-water, water-water) or pellet boilers, which are suitable alternatives in respect to the region.  

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