Second meeting of Local Working Group in North Macedonia

The second meeting of REPLACE’s KAGoP Local Working Group (LWG) was organised on 20 November by SDEWES Skopje. An online ZOOM meeting was held in order to share past and upcoming activities of the REPLACE project and to decide on which are the most relevant campaigns that should be conducted in our target region.

For this second meeting the local working group included representatives from the municipalities of Karposh, Aerodrom, Gjorce Petrov, as well as representatives from the organizations CeProSARD and Habitat. In total 8 participants contributed to a fruitful discussion regarding the most burning issues within the REPLACE project. The working group has a key role in implementation of the onsite activities and promoting current and future events, therefore it is crucial to plan an additional meeting in the second half of December to elaborate next steps.  

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