Climate friendly heating and cooling in the Bavarian Oberland – REPLACE campaigns in the region 2021/22

Eight campaigns on climate-friendly heating and cooling are being implemented in the Bavarian Oberland. Selected in close cooperation with the REPLACE local working group, they are intended to inform end consumers, professionals and investors, and motivate them to realise the heat turnaround.

Part of the campaigns were open boiler room days in autumn 2021. Here, 14 private households and public institutions offered the opportunity to view climate-friendly technologies that are already working successfully. The events were organised in cooperation with the climate protection officers of the four Oberland districts.

A list of mobile heating containers is nearing completion. If a heating system fails, interested parties can rent a unit from nearby and thus gain time to find out about a new climate-friendly option. Also planned for autumn and winter 2021/22 are field trips to good practice examples in the region, a campaign where consumers can obtain information on their heating label, and an information event on the topic of district heating and for future heat suppliers. In addition, consumers can participate in at least six free feasibility studies with the REPLACE your Heating System Calculator. Further campaigns are planned for spring and summer 2022.

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