First REPLACE webinar in North Macedonia

On June 15, 2021, as part of the REPLACE project campaigns, the first of three webinars was organized on the topic: Overview of sustainable technologies and examples of good practices for replacement of heating and cooling systems. The webinar was realized via the ZOOM platform and attended by about 20 participants, including representatives of the municipalities, the local working group, non-governmental organizations, the energy agency, private companies in the field of engineering, planning and environment.

In the introductory part, the participants were welcomed and introduced to the REPLACE project and its goals, past and future activities that will be implemented in the KAGoP region. The main goal of the webinar was to present all relevant technologies for the region in the field of renewable energy sources that are part of the documents prepared within the REPLACE project. At the same time, good examples for heating systems replacements that the KAGoP region already has conducted, were discussed, as well as practices from more experienced countries that can serve as motivation for local replacement.

The participants gave positive feedback and supported the REPLACE idea and future activities that will be further implemented at the regional level. Later on, an interesting discussion was developed with regards to the greater need for mutual engagement of all institutions for joint work and better promotion of such activities in order to emphasize the importance of replacing inefficient heating systems among end users and policy makers for greater support.

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