Renewable heating and cooling in North Macedonia – Showcasing best practice examples at house events

During the last months of 2022, homeowners of two best practice examples in the KAGoP region welcomed the SDEWES-Skopje team and an energy consultant to showcase and explain their environmentally friendly heating systems and the benefits that they are experiencing.

The first example is a 4kW air-water heat pump and a distribution system with high temperature radiators in a 90m2 apartment in a newly completed building. The latter is a 100 m2 house with a distribution system heated by a 16kW pellet boiler, with an additionally installed solar collector for sanitary purposes. Both cases have an automatised regulation systems, which can be easily handled remotely. The results were further disseminated on the REPLACE event organised in the beginning of 2023 to share good practises among a larger audience and to encourage broader heating system replacement activities in the region.

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