REPLACE your Heating System Calculator: Online!

The REPLACE your Heating System Calculator is online. It helps end consumers, intermediaries and investors to find the best future-proof, resilient and climate-friendly alternative to an old heating system in just three steps. Almost like an energy consultation. The calculator is tailored to the situation in 10 European target regions and works in 8 languages (BiH, DE, BG, ES, HR, MK, RS, SL).

Besides taking into account technical features like the current energy consumption, the heat delivery system and hot water preparation, or the possibility of a connection to a district/ local heating network, the tool includes all currently possible subsidies of 10 European target regions in the overall consideration. A lot of further information like technology factsheets, national best practice examples and useful contacts for boiler and oven replacements are provided.

Praxisbeispiel aus dem Oberland

Für alle, die überlegen, ihre Heizung zu auszutauschen, haben wir hier einen Erfahrungsbericht aus dem Oberland.

Bernd Krietenstein aus Polling präsentiert sein Heizungstausch-Projekt im Rahmen der Stifterversammlung 2021 der Energiewende Oberland – weg von der Ölheizung und hin zur effizienten Wärmepumpe. Ob er zufrieden ist und den Tausch empfehlen kann? Das sagt er im Video.

Кампањите во регионот КАГоП започнаа во февруари 2021 година и неколку активности беа спроведени во следните месеци.

Како дел од кампањите на проектот REPLACE, во мај 2021 година, Инфо центарот во општина Ѓорче Петров беше официјално претставен пред граѓаните. SDEWES-Скопје во соработка со претставници на Секторот за енергетска ефикасност во општината го направија ова катче достапно за сите заинтересирани страни и ќе помогнат со иницијативите за замена на неефикасните системи за греење и ладење со еколошки решенија.

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REPLACE campaigns in North Macedonia

REPLACE campaigns in KAGoP region started in February 2021 and have since then involved citizens and professionals in the topic of sustainable heating and cooling. 

In May 2021, the info hub in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov was officially introduced to the citizens. SDEWES-Skopje in cooperation with representatives of the Energy Efficiency Sector in the municipality made this corner available to all interested parties and will assist with the initiatives to replace the existing inefficient heating and cooling system with environmentally friendly solutions. Representatives from the residential sector shared onsite existing examples of houses and buildings where such replacement campaigns would be useful. Beside the official opening in the municipality of Gjorche Petrov, an info hub was established in the municipality of Aerodrom earlier in April, and a virtual info hub is operating. 

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REPLACE kampanje u Gradu Zagrebu i u tri pogranične županije, Hrvatska 2021

REGEA je institucija koja od svog osnutka pruža stručnu potporu na području održivog korištenja energije županijama, gradovima i općinama Sjeverozapadne Hrvatske.

Poseban naglasak kroz projekt REPLACE stavljen je na aktivnosti poticanja korištenja sustava obnovljivih izvora energije kroz sve faze provedbe projekata iskorištavanja obnovljivih izvora energije (informiranje, savjetovanje i edukacija o korištenju obnovljivih izvora energije ciljanim skupinama – djeca, mladi, građani, poduzetnici, djelatnici gradskih i županijskih uprava, koordinacija izrade projektne dokumentacije i pomoć kod pripreme javnih poziva za dobivanje bespovratnih izvora financiranja) u ciljanim regijama (Krapinsko-zagorska županija, Karlovačka županija, Zagrebačka županija i grad Zagreb).

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