Broaden business models with innovative collaboration models – REPLACE partner SDEWES organises  roundtable for installers, energy utilities and service companies in North Macedonia

To facilitate the realisation of innovative collaboration models between installers and plant contractors, REPLACE partner SDEWES organised a workshop with valuable inputs from relevant key stakeholders.

Installers, energy utilities and service companies need to adapt to the changing legislative and technology framework in order to grow their businesses. There is significant potential for companies to broaden their business models to becoming plant and EE contractors. Possibilities of adopting energy service company (ESCO) models within the national legislation and contribute to the capacity building of stakeholders in terms of ability to broaden their business models. By providing international and national best practice examples, a discussion was initiated with the aim of identifying the area with biggest business potential for this approach. The workshop was organised on 13th of February, 2023 in Skopje with eight attendees. The concept of the workshop included a presentation, a world style caffe roundtable of discussion and live interaction with virtual post-it notes using ZOOM whiteboards.

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