Getting to know the most appropriate heating system – REPLACE boiler labelling campaign in North Macedonia

To inform households about environmentally friendly heating options, REPLACE partner SDEWES together with their Local Working Group of relevant stakeholders, identified potential houses within the KAGoP region that are using inefficient heating systems.

As contacts with them were established, suitable boiler labels were prepared along with handbooks and other materials in order to encourage a replacement of the existing system. The official campaign promotion started in July 2022 and was completed by the end of year, with an identification of 8 households in the three municipalities of KAGoP region (Karposh, Gjorche Petrov and Aerodrom). The visits were conducted with an energy controller, who explained the end-users the perks of replacement of the current, old system with an environmentally friendly alternative.

The systems in the houses that we visited were different, however the focus was on oil and electric boilers and heaters as well as old wood stoves, as technologies that are believed to have no place in future heating options. The end-users got acquainted with the side effect of their current system and learned about the most appropriate options for their particular environment. Furthermore, they expressed their gratitude for such an initiative and strongly encouraged more actions, such as direct, bilateral and dedicated contact, as was this particular activity organised within the REPLACE project.

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