REPLACE campaigns in Spain 2021

In the Castilla y León region, the REPLACE partners EREN and Escan have organised several meetings with the Local Working Group (LWG) in order to invite the members to get involved in the activities of the REPLACE Campaign, and to receive their advice on how to organize and perform it.

The members are mainly companies that supply and install domestic biomass boilers, also companies that promote biomass-fed district heating installations, local Energy Agencies and Renewable Energy Services, building administrator and consumer Associations. 

  • In order to make consumers aware of the advantage of climate friendly systems, the Spanish partners have prepared the final design of the boiler and building labels. EREN is going to arrange hundreds of units to be delivered directly to the householders or to multipliers, as the LWG members.
  • For the implementation of information hubs, workshop, video involvement, collaborative action and the technical visit, the Spanish team has elaborated several invitation letters and feedback questionnaires. Many of these activities were integrated in the fair Expobiomasa, the huge biomass exhibition that took place in Valladolid during 21th-23th September 2021, with 7.480 professional visitors and 327 exhibitors. In Expobiomasa Fair, the REPLACE workshop and the visit have been carried out on 23th September, with 50 attendants.
  • In the next few weeks, four videos of different installations in 3 cities of Castilla y Leon will be issued. They are going to show a biomass installation in one family-home, another one in a multi-storey building in Salamanca, a biomass district heating owned by the public company SOMACYL in Valladolid, and a biomass district heating owned by the private company REBI in Soria.
  • As a collaborative action to push climate friendly systems forward, the aggregated purchase of biomass heating systems is under design in Spain. Several organizations have been invited to participate, and further invitations will be issued.
  • The REPLACE calculation and advising tool is ready and it will be used to perform 5 studies of heating system renovations before the end of 2021.
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