REPLACE highlight Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bringing innovations in times of the global energy crisis – REPLACE pre-feasibility studies help to overcome obstacles to climate friendly heating

Replacing a heating system is a complex process. It requires many factors to be taken into account so that the replacement results in the best and most efficient solution. REPLACE activities and tools offer an innovative approach to the replacement process that is easy to understand and accessible not only to professionals but also to end users.

The development of pre-feasibility studies for the replacement of the heating system is one of the innovative activities that was presented and made available to the end users in Sarajevo Canton (the target region in BiH) for the first time – completely free of charge. The studies show heating systems recommended for a specific household as well as benefits of the replacement.

Collecting data for the preparation of a pre-feasibility study at the project’s info hub

This activity represents a very important step in the promotion of more sustainable solutions for heating systems, especially in a period when the citizens of Sarajevo Canton are facing the global energy crisis, very high pellet prices, and poverty in general. With regard to pellet prices, their increase by almost 150% in September 2022 compared to the previous year represents a huge obstacle for end users to switch to heating systems that use this type of energy. Therefore, it is very important to make available to end users all the tools and information that can help them replace their heating systems in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Citizens expressed a special interest in pre-feasibility studies during the promotion of the REPLACE campaign at info hubs in the municipalities of the target region. On that occasion, data was collected from the end users, after which the team members from REPLACE project partner Enova started to prepare the studies with additional consultations with the end users. So far, a total of 6 pre-feasibility studies have been prepared for the replacement of heating systems in residential buildings in the area of the municipalities Ilijaš and Novi Grad Sarajevo, and at least 4 more studies are planned to be completed by the end of the project. It is planned that this activity will be continued even after the project and that it will become a standard when replacing the heating system in households in Sarajevo Canton, but also in the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.