Report D4.1 published: Heating-Matrices show recommended RES Heating Technologies fitting to various Building Types & Qualities

The heating matrices in Report D4.1 provide an initial overview of which heating system based on renewable (non-fossil) energy sources or district heat is most suitable for a building. The matrices presented were adapted regionally with regard to structural and environmental conditions, building standards and economic viability. 

There are two versions of the heating matrix: One is for single and double family houses and the other one is for larger houses as multi-family houses or hotels, etc. Space heating systems based on energy from renewable sources use solar energy both directly via solar collectors for domestic hot water preparation and possibly also for auxiliary space heating, and indirectly in its stored form as biomass for boilers or ambient heat (water, earth, air) for heat pumps.

The matrices are based on blueprints from the Austrian climate protection initiative “klimaaktiv”.

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