Report D2.2 published: Making heating and cooling sustainable – barriers, solutions and best practices

The focus of report D2.2 lies on legal aspects that impede the market acceptance of renewable heating and cooling systems. The barriers, their causes and consequences are the main topics of this report.

A particularly complex problem addressed is related to multi-family buildings to which the Housing Law applies. Furthermore, sharing responsibilities in the energy sector can make it difficult to make decisions at the local level. In this context, it was investigated whether there is an environment for the development of the energy services market and whether and how the use and promotion of renewable energy is encouraged and supported. Other topics are the conflict of interest between flat owners and tenants, barriers referring to decision making introduced in Tenancy Law, and funding to finance incentives.

Countries covered by the report are Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain.

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