Report D2.3 published: Survey on existing demand-response (DR) actions and collective actions in the heating and cooling sector and overview of legal and other requirements and challenges

Report D2.3 provides information on the status quo of Collective Actions (CAs), Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) and Citizens’ Energy Communities (CECs). Altogether, 19 demand-response actions and 28 examples for collective actions in the REPLACE target countries are shown.

Demand response actions in the HC sector show a variety in the REPLACE target countries. From the aim to influence consumers’ behaviour in heating via different tariffs in Croatia, over PV electricity supply peak shaving by producing domestic hot water in Bulgaria, to the use of smart meters in a DH network in Austria for consumption optimisation of different load control strategies at a residential complex of 133 units. Further interesting concepts were reported from other project countries.

Concerning collective actions, interesting initiatives cover e.g. BENÖ (Bioenergy Lower Austria) in Austria, bringing together different skills for the success of Farmers’ cooperatives, collective actions for insulation in Austria, North Macedonia and Serbia, different kinds of group purchases, an RES cooperative to realize collective heating, and a RES cooperative that invested in the purchase of a hydropower plant, achieving a yearly reduction of 4,000 t CO2-eq.

Countries covered by the report are Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain.

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