Training seminar for intermediaries and investors in North Macedonia

The training seminar for intermediaries and investors was organized online using the ZOOM platform on 21.09.2021 with a duration of two hours.

The training aims at providing professional intermediaries with in-depth knowledge of the renewable heating and cooling systems options available on the market today, with the objective of making them well-trained facilitators of replacements and of enabling them to measure and communicate expected energy and financial savings and wider societal benefits of H&C replacements.

The training informs investors about economic issues, best practices and innovative business models, as well as model contracts, for renewable H&C solutions. The idea was to emphasize the need of direct involvement and commitment of intermediaries and investors in replacing inefficient H&C systems with renewable ones.

Many different sustainable solutions and renewable technologies, already part of REPLACE Handbooks, including the innovative and modern options were presented. The H&C situation in the European Union was depicted in order to encourage the participants to accelerate the transition towards green energy.  

The most crucial takeaway lesson for the 25 participants was how to promote and make the most out of renewable H&C. The advices will be vital for the attendees in the future to expedite the replacement of inefficient systems.

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