About the REPLACEMENT of heating systems on Sarajevo Television

In the morning program of Sarajevo Television (TV SA), we had the opportunity to discuss the REPLACE project and the activities carried out within the campaign to replace old and inefficient heating systems with alternatives on renewable energy sources.

The audience was introduced to how they can also participate in REPLACEMENT activities in Sarajevo Canton and thus become ambassadors of positive change and contribute to environmental protection. Some activities in which citizens can take part include 6 techno-economic feasibility studies for households, REPLACE info hubs where residents of Sarajevo Canton can get information about replacement options, alternatives available on the market and other useful information.

Citizens who have already replaced their heating systems can participate in the 100% renewable heating campaign, and also can apply to host the activity “open house events” where they would share their experience with visitors regarding the replacement and transition to the use of renewable energy sources. As part of this activity, gifts will be provided for the hosts.

The interview also dealt with the importance of replacements and how to choose the best option. It was pointed out that the replacement process can actually be long due to many factors to consider, from laws in the region to energy prices in the country. Sadžida Hafizović from the Bosnian REPLACE team explained that the best option for the user always depends on the type of facility, energy needs and many other factors and conditions. She informed viewers that the process of selecting an adequate heating system can be significantly facilitated by the use of tools developed within the project and that are completely free to use: The Heating Matrix and REPLACE Your Heating System Calculator.

The aim of the REPLACE project is primarily to inform, advise and enable citizens to use materials and tools that can help in choosing an adequate heating system, taking into account all important factors. You can watch the full video of the TV appearance on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Enova.d.o.o.Sarajevo/videos/345612310903288/

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