Are we ready to decarbonize the heating systems?

Enova’s project team organized 2 training programs with a focus on the decarbonization of the heating systems, on September 23 and 24, 2021, at the Courtyard by Marriott Sarajevo. The topic of the first training was the strategic and legal framework, with the participation of decision-makers in this area, and what are the possibilities of the Sarajevo Canton region for progress in this context. The second training focused on technical solutions for decarbonization of heating systems and replacement options available on the market in the region.

A total of 8 lecturers, highly regarded experts, shared their knowledge and experiences with over 35 participants, representatives of local communities, NGOs, heating system designers, installers, sellers and distributors of heating equipment, chimney sweeps, investors, and other target groups.

Through practical examples and case studies, participants had the opportunity to see how the implementation of energy efficiency measures reduces energy consumption while achieving savings and contributing to the reduction of harmful effects on the environment and climate.

Also, participants were introduced to renewable energy heating technologies available in the region and applicable to residential buildings in the Sarajevo Canton, with their basic technical requirements, but also the many benefits they bring.

One of the main conclusions of the training was certainly that the key steps for decarbonization in the heat supply sector include:

  1. Replacement of existing fossil fuel heating systems with ADEQUATE alternatives that are AVAILABLE on the market.
  2. Improving the energy efficiency of the building is an indispensable part of the process for the introduction of a sustainable heating system and is a basic prerequisite when making a decision to REPLACE. 

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