Planning a new HC system or building refurbishment? REPLACE Best Practice Examples offer practice-oriented help – Report D4.4

When planning to exchange an old heating or cooling (HC) system or to refurbish a building, many questions may arise. REPLACE offers a helping hand: With its 38 best practice examples, it presents projects that have been successfully realized and that now help to save energy, money and the climate.

Projects that have been implemented by individual households include thermal insulation projects as well as a broad range of replacements from heating with oil, coal or gas to heating with climate friendly heat pumps, pellets or solar panels. Who is planning replacements on a broader level finds inspiration and answers in the REPLACE Best Practice Examples, too. Included are e.g. the refurbishment of a city quarter, the use of a mobile heating container to manage the change to renewable energies, or the installation of a biomass grid in a rural settlement.

The examples depict concisely e.g. what new technology people have chosen, if there had been any difficulties during the installation process or what worked particularly well, and how they profit from the new system. A table in the end of each example contains the most important data from installed capacity, over initial investment up to incentive schemes available.

All 38 Best Practice Examples are contained in the English version of the D4.4 Report.

For each of the ten REPLACE target regions, a selection of translated Best Practice Examples is available.

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