REPLACE campaigns in the City of Zagreb & three bordering counties, Croatia 2021

In 2021, REGEA continued the implementation of replacement campaigns, which include activities that informed consumers about sustainable heating solutions and motivate them to replace their fossil fuelled or any old, inefficient heating systems. 

  • On April 26th, 2021, (Renewable Energy Sources Day), the Development Agency Vegora and city of Velika Gorica, together with the REGEA held an online press conference Use renewable energy sources, where the renewable energy grants were announced and that public calls were officially published on the website of the city of Velika Gorica. Tenders are ongoing, the deadline for submitting applications lasts until the funds are spent, or until the end of 2021. 
Online press conference Use renewable energy sources
  • Zagreb County adopted a decision on the selection of projects of the Public tenders for individuals for the co-financing of photovoltaic systems, condensing gas boilers and biomass boilers (pellet / wood) for family houses. According to the decision, 25 people will install photovoltaic systems, 6 biomass boilers (pellets / wood) and 71 condensing gas boilers.
  • REGEA established an info hub in the Utility company VG Goričanka, which is located in the City of Velika Gorica. Citizens come to the utility center to pay bills for parking, water fee, etc., and can be informed about heating and cooling systems regarding renewable energy sources. The info hub is equipped with brochures and leaflets of the REPLACE project, as well as technical materials of equipment manufacturers and with an exhibit of a solar collector, which is a starting point for education and information about the advantages of installing climate friendly systems.
REPLACE info hub in the utility company in the city of Velika Gorica
  • REGEA with the city of Velika Gorica held on May 22, 2021 an on-site information evening for end consumers to replace fuel boilers in the rural community of Buševec, population of roughly 900, located in the Southern part of the city of Velika Gorica. Buševec has a newly established energy community which aims to develop sustainable energy projects in the area. REGEA will support the local energy community in the engagement of citizens and local stakeholders in the development of the system, model and the overall energy transition of their community and region. 

Residential heat decarbonization solution – A handbook for installers, plumbers, chimney sweepers and investors and Renewable Heating & Cooling replacements technology briefs for end consumers developed within REPLACE were distributed to participants of the event with some technical materials of equipment manufacturers who deal with the installation of systems on renewable energy sources.

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