REPLACE Highlight Slovenia: Holistic energy renovation in line with REPLACE – a family from Ljubljana, Slovenia doesn’t need to worry about their energy bill

One of the REPLACE model cases of best practice in Slovenia is the holistic energy renovation of a row house of the Županič family in Ljubljana. As envisaged in the REPLACE project, the family installed a climate-friendly heating system, while at the same time reducing their energy consumption through renovation measures. The house is located in a densely populated area in Ljubljana. And before the actual implementation of the works, the investor went through all the necessary steps as described in the REPLACE handbooks.

The family visited the energy advisory office, where they received initial information on how to approach the renovation project, on the best options regarding the heating system and on acquiring subsidy. During the project design, they used the REPLACE your Heating System Calculator with the aid of an expert from REPLACE project partner JSI. And although they already had a connection to the gas heating network, based on the calculator outcome and the support from the JSI expert, they finally decided to invest in renewable-based heating systems. The project design process with the architect and engineers took place from September 2020 – May 2021, while the actual renovation began a month later and was completed in August 2022.

The comprehensive energy renovation included a wide range of implemented measures, which ranged from energy renovation of the building’s thermal envelope, over installation of more energy efficient windows and entrance doors, installation of a central ventilation system with waste heat recovery and to the installation of an air-water heat pump. With the new heating system, floor heating with a low-temperature distribution system was also installed. The new heating method replaced the old fuel oil boiler, which used radiator heating with a high-temperature heating regime (water temperature at inlet and outlet 70/50 °C).

The family has already moved in and is enjoying the thermal comfort that their energy efficient house provides. At present (October 2022), the heat pump is working for the purpose of the domestic hot water preparation, since up to now there’s still no need to heat the building. In the current energy crises when the prises of gas and other energy sources are constantly rising, the future is uncertain for a large proportion of the building stock. The use of the heat pump as a renewable heating system guarantees satisfactory thermal comfort for a low price and relieves the Županič family of taking any measures in order to avoid high energy bills.