REPLACE Highlight Spain: Where replacing old boilers saves even more CO2 and money – successful heating system renovation in Castilla y León, Central-North Spain

In order to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies, the Spanish REPLACE partners EREN and Escan promote the use of biomass in buildings and homes. And to thereby save a particularly large amount of CO2 emissions and support Europe to become climate-neutral by 2050, the REPLACE partners have focused on a particularly rewarding region in Spain.

Through the collaboration of the Working Group created in the REPLACE project, the installation of environmentally friendly biomass systems takes place in Castilla y León in Central-North Spain. Here, biomass systems are mainly used in buildings of small villages and medium cities, where the heating demand is higher than average national parameters due to longer winters.

That way, the replacement of diesel or gas systems by biomass significantly reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and also the costs for the users of these buildings. The promoted heating and hot water biomass systems in comparison to the replaced old diesel boilers not only achieve energy but also economic savings of 60 % in the case of pellets, and close to 80 % with wood chips. Considering the current energy crisis and high energy prices caused by the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, pay-back periods are shorter.

Once they pass the verification test, the boilers and homes receive the REPLACE 100 % Renewable heating label which is shown at the boiler and outside their homes. This label is aimed at supporting other neighbours and visitor’s mindset change, by better understanding the real benefits of the fossil fuel heating systems replacement.

Escan supports EREN in the monitoring of the entire process and embeds specific labels on buildings and boiler rooms that meet efficiency and low pollution targets. The latest verification visits were aimed at two 120 kW installations to heat a town hall and a museum building in the town of El Tiemblo, as well as an installation with two 150 kW unit boilers for five buildings. In Salamanca, the REPLACE 100% Renewable heating label was awarded to 2 boilers of 200 kw for households in the town center. .