REPLACE info hub in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo successfully implemented with a large number of visitors

The REPLACE project team in Sarajevo Canton conducted another “information days” activity. In the period from March 21 to 25, the REPLACE info hub was set up in the premises of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, whose representatives are active collaborators on the project and members of the local working group.

The project hub was visited by over 300 citizens of Novo Sarajevo who showed the greatest interest in information on heating systems that are acceptable for their type of building through the REPLACE heating matrix and a “quick” calculation of potential replacement of heating systems using REPLACE calculator. Some visitors decided to participate in the preparation of a detailed techno-economic feasibility study for the replacement of heating systems.

Members of the project team were available to citizens at the info hub all five days in order to provide direct consultations and advice on issues related to the replacement of heating systems, alternatives available on the market, benefits of replacement and possible challenges in accordance with all factors that may affect replacements.

Citizens expressed great satisfaction that for the first time they have the opportunity to receive information and expert advice on all details related to the replacement of heating systems, problems they are currently facing and solutions that can, in addition to their own comfort, contribute to environmental protection. Useful advice provided to citizens will help them make informed decisions when choosing a new heating system as a replacement for old and inefficient systems.

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