Spring is the time for action to sustainably replace the heating systems

In the past two months, REPLACE project team members from the Sarajevo Canton region held two meetings of the local working group with the aim of defining the further course of project activities with a focus on campaign activities to replace inefficient heating systems. Meetings were held in the municipalities of Ilijaš and Novo Sarajevo.

At the meetings, established is a plan for organizing activities of setting up information hubs in key institutions, labeling residential buildings heated by renewable heating techonologies and organizing days of “open boiler room” through cooperation with representatives of local communities, and techno-economic pre-feasibility studies for several households in different parts of the region. The members of the working group also discussed the topic of the Energy Summit as a priority activity, the implementation of which is planned for May 2022.

Members of the local working group in the Sarajevo Canton continuously contribute to the implementation of the REPLACE project activities, both through the provision of expert advice and through active participation in project activities.

The project team has already launched a media campaign, and the intensive implementation of project activities aims to achieve lasting progress in the field of sustainable heating supply, which requires a change in thinking through making informed decisions as well as the attitudes towards the problem.

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