The word about the REPLACE project is spreading quickly throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Tuesday, December 13th, ENOVA Team presented REPLACE Project at the Final Local Conference of the STRIDE Project in Zenica.

At the Conference, Regional strategy of the smart grid has been presented, as well as resulting action plans for the promotion and integration of the smart grid into the existing power system.

Event has gathered various stakeholders from policy makers, the academic community, to the private and civil sector in the field of energy.

During the conference, presented are the main goals, tools, as well as activities so far implemented within the REPLACE Project.

Participants had the opportunity to hear more about the renewable heating and cooling, and the opportunities for the transition to renewable sources for more sustainable heating. Besides that, there are presented buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina that have already done transition from the traditional systems to the renewable heating and cooling systems.

Purpose of the regional event was, besides all, exchange of the experiences and examples of the integration smart grids between cities/communities, companies, as well as regional actors in the pilot region and beyond. In addition, a dialog was started about obstacles that consumers face with when they decide on energy transition and strive for „smarter“ building.

“Considering the economic and energy crisis that is still presented in the world, now is the best time for switching to renewable heating and cooling systems”, was one of the conference conclusions. Also, participants have recognized the importance of the REPLACE Project and the opportunities that it provides, not only in Canton of Sarajevo, but in all regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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