Capacity building for investors and intermediaries – REPLACE training seminars

Why should intermediaries and investors chose and promote renewable heating and cooling (RHC) systems? What is the strategic and legal framework of replacements? What technologies are available on the market? And what are the basic rules that need to be observed when planning (R)HC projects? 

REPLACE conducts training seminars for intermediaries and investors in order to strengthen their capacities and transfer knowledge from experienced professionals to less experienced professionals. The direct involvement and commitment of intermediaries and investors is key to achieve large-scale climate-friendly replacements.

Trainings are conducted in 6 target countries – Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Stakeholders addressed are intermediaries, investors, local energy planning authorities, energy agencies, energy service companies ESCOs, energy consultants and energy advisors, and other professionals involved in the field. 

In some countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia, these trainings have already been held – live or online, depending on the circumstances. It is planned that all countries mentioned will hold 2 one-day trainings by the end of 2021. The goal is to train 20-40 professionals in each of the target regions.

For the needs of these trainings, various materials have been prepared that enable proper informing of intermediaries and investors about the basic rules that must be taken into account when planning  (R)HC systems. Also, as a very useful tool, a Replacement Handbook for intermediaries and investors was prepared in all REPLACE languages.

All training material can be obtained in the local languages (including English) via email from the relevant partners.  

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