REPLACE your Heating System Calculator – Webinar in June 2021

The REPLACE your Heating System Calculator will be available in 9 languages, including in English. End consumers, intermediaries and investors can calculate their replacement projects beforehand, estimating replacements towards renewable energy systems or district heating based systems for existing houses. And it is planned as a white-label tool: Intermediaries, suppliers and others interested can place the calculator on their own websites and can use the tool profitably for their businesses.

In order to put the finishing touches on the tool, REPLACE’s international project team met for a webinar on the 15thJune. Features and functions were presented by the Austrian Energy Agency’s team like the fact that not only single-family houses, but also buildings up to 1,500 m² block of flats can be calculated, the easy-to-use end consumer mode which is added by an in-depth expert mode, or results that are shown graphically in four different ways.

To ensure that users of the tool receive results adapted to their regional circumstances, the REPLACE team learned how to check and correct all the information behind the calculator. That way, the REPLACE partners not only administer the calculator’s texts in 9 languages, but also keep the tool’s data up to date –  like investment, subsidies available and the yearly running costs for the various heating options.

The REPLACE your Heating System Calculator is based on the tried and tested Austrian Energy Institute Vorarlberg’s Hexit-tool. After being adjusted for its international application, the tool will be available from July onwards and can assist users in their heating replacements until end of 2025. With content that the REPLACE partners now have learned to keep up to date.

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