Klimafreundliches Heizen und Kühlen im Bayerischen Oberland – REPLACE Kampagnen in der Region 2021/22

Im Oberland werden acht Kampagnen zum klimafreundlichen Heizen und Kühlen umgesetzt. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit der lokalen REPLACE Arbeitsgruppe ausgewählt, sollen sie Endverbraucher, Fachkräfte und Investoren informieren und zum Handeln motivieren.

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Climate friendly heating and cooling in the Bavarian Oberland – REPLACE campaigns in the region 2021/22

Eight campaigns on climate-friendly heating and cooling are being implemented in the Bavarian Oberland. Selected in close cooperation with the REPLACE local working group, they are intended to inform end consumers, professionals and investors, and motivate them to realise the heat turnaround.

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REPLACE Kampagnen in Österreich

Die Österreichische Energieagentur (AEA) befindet sich derzeit in der intensiven Vorbereitung des Rundum-Sorglos-Pakets (ACRP) für Öl- und Gaskesseltausch in der Zielregion Salzburg. In den letzten Monaten hat ein intensiver Austausch mit der Energieabteilung des Landes Salzburg und dem Klimaschutzministerium stattgefunden, der es ermöglicht hat, die Rahmenbedingungen zu klären und auch die Finanzierung für dieses neue Angebot aufzustellen.

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REPLACE campaigns in Austria

The Austrian Energy Agency (AEA) is currently in the intensive preparation of the All-round Carefree Package (ACRP) for oil and gas boiler replacements for the target region of Salzburg. In recent months, there has been an intensive exchange with the energy department of the province of Salzburg and the Ministry for Climate Protection, which has enabled the AEA to clarify the framework conditions and also to set up the financing for this new offer.

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Семинар за тренинг на посредници и инвеститори

Семинарот за обука за посредници и инвеститори беше организиран преку платформата ZOOM на 21.09.2021 година со почеток во 10:00 часот со времетраење од два часа.

Обуката има за цел да ги информира посредниците за опциите за обновливи системи за греење и ладење достапни на пазарот денес, со цел да бидат добро обучени при замена на системи и да можат да ги измерат очекуваните енергетски и финансиски заштеди, но и да ги промовираат општествените придобивки од замената на стар со ефикасен систем за греење и ладење.

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Training seminar for intermediaries and investors in North Macedonia

The training seminar for intermediaries and investors was organized online using the ZOOM platform on 21.09.2021 with a duration of two hours.

The training aims at providing professional intermediaries with in-depth knowledge of the renewable heating and cooling systems options available on the market today, with the objective of making them well-trained facilitators of replacements and of enabling them to measure and communicate expected energy and financial savings and wider societal benefits of H&C replacements.

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REPLACE kampanje

V obdobju 2021-22 poteka v Sloveniji 9 različnih aktivnosti, ki so namenjene ozaveščanju gospodinjstev o pomembnosti uporabe okolju prijaznega ogrevalnega sistema, ki ne prinaša samo ekonomskih prihrankov gospodinjstvu, temveč je tudi okolju bolj prijazen iz vidika manjšega izpusta CO2 in PM delcev.

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Конференция за устойчивото отопление и сградно обновяване

От 21-ви до 25-ти юни 2021 г. се проведе онлайн конференция на тема “Обновяване на отопление и сгради с мисъл за бъдещето”, организирана от ЧИЕЦ и За Земята – Приятели на Земята България. Петдневното събитие бе посветено на устойчивото отопление и обновяване на сгради в Централна и Югоизточна Европа, с фокус върху решенията, които осигуряват надеждно, удобно и достъпно отопление за всички и гарантират по-чист въздух и климатично безопасно бъдеще. 

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Renovation of heating and buildings’ conference – Energy Summit, Bulgaria 2021

From 21st to 25th June 2021, an online conference entitled “Renovation of heating and buildings with a look to the future” was organized by BSERC and Za Zemiata – Friends of the Earth Bulgaria. The 5-day event was dedicated to sustainable domestic heating and renovation in Central and South-Eastern Europe and focused on the solutions that provide reliable, comfortable and affordable heating for all, and ensure cleaner air and a climate safe future. 

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